Has been working for more than two decades in the field of professional photography. Born and raised in Russia, Andrey already had been moving to conflict-prone zones (like former Soviet Union, South Ossetia, Tajikistan) in order to document the combative confrontations in pictures. Therefore he was honored with Russian journalists award in 2000. In collaboration with magazines Andrey had been producing pictures especially in the areas of commercial photography, lifestyle, fashion and glamour in international context (including Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Africa and most recently in Chile). Besides working in a studio Andrey always likes to operate outdoors, in nature and in an environment in which he has to adapt to different situations and can express his creativity. 
   Andrey looks at people in front of the camera lens with a very unusual eye and this is shown in his photos. He wants to reflect the interesting and unique features. Andrey has been teaching photography in the best photo galleries in Moscow for many years. And since 2008, he has trained several thousand people to take wonderful photos. Andrey's special style is that he combines the ability to take professional reportage photos at the level of the best newspapers and news agencies, and works in a studio in the style of fashion photography. Andrey's photos can be found in such magazines as Harper's BAZAAR, Esquire, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Robb Report, Men's Health, The Hollywood Reporter. His photos adorn the cover of Forbes magazine. The creative implementation of that is always a brilliant job for him. His main focus of his work includes social reportage, architecture, travel / landscape and portrait photography.
His credentials include local newspapers such as La Tercera (Chile), Financial Times (UK), Chicago Tribune (USA), French press agency AFP (France and worldwide), Reuters and Associated Press (worldwide).
     Now Andrey lives and works in India